What is the function of evaporative air cooler dust screen?

The function of evaporative air cooler dust screen


All our industrial evaporative air coolers can be equipped with dust screen. Today, we will introduce the function of air cooler dust screen and how to maintain it in daily use.

What is the role of evaporative air cooler dust screen?

The main function of the dust screen is to filter the dust and impurities in the air, reduce the harm of smoke and dust to people, maintain the cleanliness of indoor air and create a good working environment for workers.

In addition to affecting the indoor air environment, dust particles also have a certain impact on the operation of the air cooler.

If the outdoor dust is not filtered, it will be directly adsorbed on the evap cooler pads causing the blockage of the cooling pads. If the evap cooler pads is not be cleaned for a long time, it will not only affect the cooling effect of the evap cooler pads, but also reduce the air inlet area of the air cooler, and the air volume into the room will be greatly reduced. Thus affecting the indoor ventilation effect.

When the dust with the water flow back to the tank will also cause the tank silt accumulation, blocking the refrigeration pump caused by water pump heating dry burning. So the filter will also reduce the impact of dust on the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment.

How to maintain the air cooler dust screen?

If the air filter of the air cooler is used for a long time, dust is likely to accumulate. If the air filter is dirty and blocked, the normal operation of the air cooler will be affected and the evap cooler pads and water pump will be blocked. In this case, you need to clean the evaporative air conditioner.

It is recommended to arrange or hire external personnel to clean once a week or once a month depending on the surrounding environment.

After removing the air cooler dust screen, you can first remove the dust on the surface of the filter, and then clean it with clean water. If the air filter is dirty and blocked seriously, it is best to soak it in a neutral cleaning agent, and then brush it with a soft brush. The water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees when cleaning.

When cleaning the dust screen, be careful not to use too much force to cause deformation or damage to the dust screen.

After cleaning, put the filter in a cool ventilated place to dry. Remember not to be exposed to the sun, otherwise the dust screen is easy to deformation.

After the dust screen is dried, the air cooler can be turned on for normal use.

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