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What is the evaporative pad?

Evaporative pad introduction


Evaporative pad is mainly composed of polymer water paper, honeycomb structure, is produced from the base paper processing. Their cooling effect depends mostly on the material used in the water cooling pad evaporator (evaporative pad), which is one of the core cooling parts of the equipment.

Evaporative pad is also known as water cooling pad, swamp cooler pad, air cooler filter pads, evaporative cooler media, cellulose pad and poultry cooling pad etc.

Its production process is about sizing, drying, corrugated pressing, shaping, gluing, curing, slicing, grinding, flavor removal and so on.


After special treatment, the evaporative pad has the characteristics of high structural strength and corrosion resistance, etc.

And specific surface area is large ,cooling efficiency is more than 80%, natural water absorption, fast diffusion speed, lasting efficiency. The service cycle is more than six years.

The evaporative pad models

The main models of evaporative pad we produce are 5090, 5060, 7090, 6090, 7060, 9090, 9060.

At present, the most used in the market is 5090, 6090, 7090 model.

Among them, 5090 type is mostly used in evaporative air cooler and other air purification equipment.

The 6090 and 7090 type evaporative pad with big exhaust fan can be used in poultry breeding, animal husbandry, greenhouse planting, gardening flower planting, high temperature and high heat industrial production places.

So what is the significance of these digital models of evaporative pad respectively?


First of all, we have a look at the structural parameters of the evaporative pad.

The main parameters of the evaporative pad structure include height H, width W, thickness D, wave height h, and the combination Angle α and β of the evaporative pad. The structure is shown in the following figure.


Usually the wave height “h”has four height, including 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 9mm.

Among them, 7mm is widely used for greenhouse and poultry, 5mm is used for evaporative air cooler, 9mm is mostly used for places with too much dust and easy to plug, which is relatively rare.

There are several angles of corrugations α and β, such as 45°+45°, 30°+60° and 45°+15°.

Among them, 45 degrees +45 degrees is widely used.

Through the above introduction, you can continue to understand the significance of the evaporative pad model.

5090 model represents that the wave height of the evaporative pad is 5mm, and the corrugation Angle is 45°+45° or30°+60°.

7090 model represents the wave height of the evaporative pad is 7mm, and the corrugations Angle is 45°+45° or30°+60°.

7060 model represents the wave height of the evaporative pad is 7mm, and the corrugations Angle is 45°+45°.

In addition, the conventional thickness of evaporative pad is mainly 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, including 10 cm and 15 cm series are the most widely used.

The colors of evaporative pad

Evaporative pad color is also a variety of: brown, green, yellow, black and so on, among which brown is the most common.

Standard type

Water cooled mattress pad adopts polymer material and space cross-linking process. Water cooled mattress pad has the characteristics of high water absorption, high water resistance, mildew resistance, high cooling efficiency, environmental protection, safety and energy saving.

Reinforced type with black edges

Reinforced type water cooled mattress pad is more resistant to corrosion and impact. The easy cleaning of the surface makes it last longer in extremely harsh environments.

Yellow and green color type

Colored water cooled mattress pad has the characteristics of bright color and beautiful appearance. It is ideal for high-end equipment.

Green antibacterial type

Antibacterial type water cooled mattress pad is added with nanomaterials, which effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Antibacterial type water cooled mattress pad also uses a special process to remove the odor of water curtain paper, which is a high-end odorless cooling material.

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