What is the air cooler ventilation duct?



Air cooler ventilation duct is very important to factory and warehouse cooling system.

Evaporative air cooler can be divided into two categories: duct type  (upper discharge, bottom discharge, side discharge)and direct blowing type (hoisting type,wall hanging type ,portable type) according to the structure and installation.


Ventilation duct is very import for industrial air cooler

For the direct blowing type, it is mostly used for post cooling. The air cooler is installed in the area that needs to be cooled, and the cold air is blown directly to the post.

The portable direct blowing type can also flexibly place the position of the air cooler with the change of the post position.

But one disadvantage of the direct blowing type is that the cooling effect weakens with the increase of the distance between the post and the air cooler. If the production line is long, or the air cooler is not suitable to be placed near the post, and the area that needs to be cooled is far away from the window, the air cooler ventilation duct will be a better choice.


Introduce the role of the air duct

So today we will briefly introduce the role of the air duct in the industrial evaporative air cooler, material selection, and the size of the air duct design and other issues.

In fact, the most important role of long air duct is to send the clean, cool and fresh air of evaporative air cooler farther away.

You can also cut holes in the corresponding position of the air duct according to the position of the workers on the production line, so that the staff on the whole production line can have a cool and comfortable working environment.

According to the section shape of the air duct, it can be divided into circular air duct, rectangular air duct, flat air duct and other types.

Among them, the circular air duct has the least resistance, but its height is the largest and its production is relatively complicated.

In the industrial evaporative air cooler engineering application, rectangular air duct is the most used.

In the design of the air duct system, it is required in principle to achieve the economy of the lowest wind resistance and noise, and to maximize the air supply of the industrial air cooler.

In general, the preset velocity method is used to design the ventilation duct specifications. The wind speed of the main duct is 6-9 m/s, the wind speed of the branch duct is 4-6 m/s, and the wind speed of the end of the system is 3-5 m/s.

In view of the low pressure of the air cooler ventilation duct (70Pa-500Pa), the pipeline of the air supply system should not be designed too long.


Generally, it is ideal to control around 25-60 meters (65-196 feet), according to the wind pressure of each model.

In order to reduce the local resistance loss of the air cooler ventilation duct, the duct should be designed as straight as possible to avoid unnecessary bending and branching.

The bending radius of rectangular air duct is generally not less than 6-12 times of equivalent diameter.

According to the different air volume, the longer air cooler ventilation duct is designed into multiple sections of different specifications of the air duct, which is connected by the variable diameter duct.

Variable diameter duct should not be set too much, the whole system should not exceed four sizes. Variable diameter pipe length ≥2 (D-d) to determine.

The air duct must match the type of the air cooler.

The air duct should be designed according to the actual installation environment and the number of air diffusers.

In order to make the air supply uniform throughout the space, all air diffusers should be installed at reasonable intervals.

Advantages of plastic air cooler ventilation duct

Waterproof and leakproof measures should be considered for outdoor air cooler ventilation ducts.

The outdoor air duct of the side wall installation unit shall be provided with a certain slope.

The outdoor air duct of the roof installation unit must also be waterproof. The connection between the air duct and the evaporative air cooler should be soft.

The air duct of industrial evaporative air cooler is generally made of galvanized sheet, glass steel, plastic air duct, etc

The galvanized sheet material has the smallest wind resistance and relatively high impact resistance, but the material cost and installation cost are also relatively high.

Compared with metal pipes, plastic pipes have characteristics of small density, light material, convenient transportation and installation, easy maintenance, good chemical stability and good corrosion resistance. In addition, plastic air cooler duct has advantages of small thermal conductivity, low heat conductivity, good heat insulation and energy saving effect.

The above is our analysis and suggestions on the application of air cooler ventilation ducts. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us directly

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