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Air vents(air cooler diffuser) can be installed on portable evaporative air coolers, the ends of ventilation ducts, industrial air conditioners and industrial exhaust fans.

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Fxair is a manufacturer of air cooler diffusers in China. Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 300 employees and more than 30 professional and technical engineers. Hope our products can provide customers with a better life.

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Scope of use of air cooler diffuser

Installed in evaporative air coolers

The air diffusers can be installed on a portable evaporative air cooler or a window swamp cooler.

Installed on ventilation ducts

The air vents can be installed at the end of the ventilation duct. Cold air cools the post through the air grills.

Installed on industrial air conditioners

Air grills can be installed in industrial air conditioners and other industrial equipment.

Installed in industrial exhaust fans

In greenhouses, air vents help industrial exhaust fans circulate air over a wider space.


Types of air cooler diffusers

The air cooler diffuser is divided into two driving modes: air driving and electric driving(220V single phase). The diffuser can be driven by the wind to swing the louvers from left to right. The electric type air diffuser can be controlled by electricity at a angle of the vertical louvers.

The angle of the transverse blades will be adjusted manually. There are two types of horizontal louvers: closed and semi-closed.evaporative-air-cooler-swamp-cooler-water-cooled-air-conditioner-diffusers-air-grill-ventevaporative-air-cooler-swamp-cooler-water-cooled-air-conditioner-diffusers-air-grill-vent

4 benefits of using a air cooler diffuser

The size can be customized

The size of the air outlet can be freely customized according to the customer’s industrial equipment

Lower MOQ without mold fees

In order to save more costs for customers, this air diffuser has the characteristics of lower MOQ and no mold fee.

Beautiful appearance

The air grills are available in a variety of designs. Customers can choose the right appearance according to their own equipment.

Better swing effect

The widened blades have a strong swing ability.



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