Is copper coil water pump better for evaporative air cooler?

Why important of water pump?


Why should evaporative aircooler  be equipped with copper coil water pump?

When we evaluate the quality of air coolers from different manufacturers, we often ignore the importance of the water pump.

When the evaporative air conditioner works, the water pump constantly transfers the water in the tank to the evaporative cooling pad to keep it moist.

Then the fan starts to work, and the fresh air outside is forced through the evaporative cooling pad. The water on the surface of the cooler pad evaporates and absorbs the heat from the air.

At this time, the cold air sent from the evaporative air conditioner is fresh air conditioning after humidification and cooling treatment.

The water pump does not work and the air cooler stops cooling

Through the above working principle of the air cooler, it is found that the water pump is a key part of the cold air mechanism.

If the pump stops working, the water cannot be transferred to the evap cooler pads, and the cooling pad will not stay wet.

Outdoor dry and hot air can not contact with water through the pad, and it can not complete the process of water evaporation and heat absorption. Then the air sent into the room by the air cooler is still dry and hot outdoor air.

And the dry evap cooler pads can not get the effect of purification and filtration, which means that the air cooler can not be cooled.

In hot summer, when the air cooler is no longer cooling, the temperature inside the workshop will rise immediately, which is bound to seriously affect the production efficiency of workers and the quality of product production.

Therefore, the water pump plays a very important role in a air cooler. Its stable operation will directly affect the refrigeration and air purification effect of the air cooler.

So how to choose a good water pump? First of all, we need to ensure that the internal motor of the pump must be copper core.

The aluminum core motor in the use of high heat, it is easy to burn out.

At the same length, the same cross-sectional area and the same temperature, aluminum is more resistant than copper.

And the resistance of the circuit element is proportional to the heat level, so the resistance is large and the heat will be large.

This causes the aluminum core motor in the use of high heat, it is easy to burn out the motor. Safety risks are also higher.

The physical properties of aluminum are worse than copper, and aluminum properties are active, easy to oxidation and corrosion.

Therefore, the service life of the general aluminum wire motor water pump is much lower than that of the pure copper wire motor water pump.

The efficiency of the copper coil water pump is greatly increased.

And because the heat generated by the aluminum wire is higher than that generated by the copper coil, the efficiency of the aluminum coil motor is greatly reduced, which wastes energy and is not environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, the market competition is fierce, manufacturers compete the price, in order to reduce the production cost, the motor coil of the pump with aluminum wire. Although the price is cheap, but the quality of the pump is not stable, and the service life is short, will directly affect the use of the air cooler effect. Therefore, the water pump of copper motor is an important part to ensure the normal work of air cooler.

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