pp-plastic-evaporative air-cooler-duct

FAQ of PP plastic evaporative air cooler ducts

pp-plastic-evaporative air-cooler-duct

The scope of use of evaporative air cooler ducts

Evaporative air cooler ducts can be used in industrial plants and greenhouses, such as chemical plants, shoe factories, garment factories, hardware factories, mold shops, chicken coops, pig houses, cow sheds and vegetable greenhouses.

How long do PP plastic air cooler ducts last?

Our plastic air ducts should last mainly 5~8 years according to its running environments.

Which duct is best for evaporative cooler?

The PP plastic air ducts are corrosion-resistant, rust-free, easy to install and easy to transport. It will be the best choice for evaporative air cooler.

how do you size the evaporative air cooler ducts?

The size of the duct can be selected according to the air volume of your air cooler.
The air cooler with 30000cmh air volume can choose 800*500mm air volume. The air cooler with 18000-25000cmh air volume can choose 650*450mm air duct. You can also contact us to recommend the right size and quantity for you.

How to install PP plastic air duct?

The installation of the air cooler duct is very simple. You only need to use 5*25mm self-tapping screws to splic the air ducts together. Then raise and secure the air duct with a boom.

4 big benefits of plastic evaporative air cooler duct

1. Lower product and installation costs.
2. Corrosion-resistant.
3. Rust-proof.
4. Easy to transport with lower transportation costs.

What is air cooler ventilation duct?

Air cooler ventilation duct is very important to factory and warehouse cooling system. The air duct of industrial evaporative air cooler is generally made of galvanized sheet, glass steel, plastic air duct, etc. Please read here to know more.

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