FAQ of kitchen esp electrostatic precipitator (updated to 2022)


The scope of application of ESP electrostatic precipitator

ESP electrostatic precipitators are suitable for almost all commercial restaurants.

In countries such as China, the United States and the United Kingdom, electrostatic precipitators are a necessity to open a commercial restaurant to reduce the environmental impact of kitchen fumes.

Electrostatic precipitators are commonly used in restaurants near residential buildings, factory staff restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Korean restaurants, Chinese restaurants, airport restaurants, restaurants in railway station waiting halls, restaurants in high-end shopping malls, etc.

How does an kitchen electrostatic precipitator work?

The oil fume is sucked into the ESP electrostatic precipitator by the fan, and some of the larger oil mist particles are trapped on the flow sharing plate due to mechanical collision and obstruction.
When the air flow enters the high-voltage electrostatic field, under the action of the high-voltage electric field, the oil smoke gas is ionized, and most of the oil mist charge is degraded and carbonized.
A small number of tiny oil particles move towards the positive and negative plates of the electric field under the action of the electric field force and air flow of the adsorption electric field.
The particles are collected on the plates and flow to the oil collection tray under the action of their own gravity, where they are discharged through the oil drain channel.
The remaining micron-sized oil mist is degraded by an electric field into carbon dioxide and water. The final kitchen electrostatic precipitator excretes clean air; At the same time, under the action of the high-voltage generator, the air in the electric field produces ozone to remove most of the odor in the flue gas.

What are the types of esp electrostatic precitator?

The types of smoke precipitators on the market are generally filtered, physical-mechanical, wet, catalytic, electrostatic and other types.
Wet fume air purifier is the use of water spray (cooling pad) to filter the oil mist in the flue gas. Mechanical oil fume air purifier is generally used in industrial dust removal. Catalytic fume purifiers generally use the form of UV photooxygen catalysis, which has a certain effect on the deodorization of organic waste gas fumes.
Restaurant kitchens generally use ESP electrostatic precipitator.

How do you clean a kitchen electrostatic precipitator?

First, the cleaning solution is prepared in a ratio of 1:20 between caustic soda and water.
Then, turn off the power and remove the ESP air purifier’s electric field. Soak the electric field in the cleaning solution for 5 minutes. Remove the electric field and place it horizontally to the ground.
Finally, the oil stain of the electric field is rinsed with a high-pressure water gun and dried naturally.
Please contact us for more detailed cleaning instructions and precautions.

What is the main purpose of ESP electrostatic precipitator?

Electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) remove kitchen fumes and reduce air pollution. The purifier can also be equipped with a UV photolysis device and an activated carbon device to remove the odor produced by cooking.

What happened if an precipitator ESP is not used?

Electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) remove contaminants from kitchen fumes. If the ESP of the restaurant does not work, all the fumes released from these restaurants are released into the atmosphere.
These particulate matter contribute to air pollution, which leads to deterioration of air quality. They can cause stomatal blockage, decreased light absorption from plants, asthma, and other allergic reactions in humans.

What should I do if the precipitator ESP is not working?

First, review and record the panel’s fault code. Then, turn off the power of the purifier and clean the electric field according to the instructions.
You can also contact our after-sales staff to determine the cause of the fault and make suggestions for you.

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