FAQ of industrial / commercial dehumidifiers (updated to 2022)


Uses of commercial dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers/industrial dehumidifiers are widely used in offices, archives, materials, libraries, computer rooms, precision instrument rooms, hospitals and valuables warehouses, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, military, glass, food, electronics, metallurgy, printing, warehouses, basements, archives, electricity, telecommunications, cigarettes, medicine, printing, tea, leather, textiles and other places with requirements for humidity.

In the process of use, best commercial dehumidifier can help enterprises eliminate various losses caused by moisture, so that the production and preservation of products can be carried out in appropriate humidity, so as to ensure and control the quality of products.

How does a commercial dehumidifier work?

The job of a commercial dehumidifier is to correct and maintain the proper humidity level in an area. When the relative humidity exceeds the set value, dehumidification begins. Its fans will collect moist air from its surroundings and pull it into the cooling coils of commercial dehumidifiers. Condensation then occurs, extracting excess moisture from the air. The collected moisture will remain in the coil and then drip into the water tank of the device. The remaining air will then be reheated to the appropriate temperature level and then discharged back into the room. Air output is now considered at safe humidity levels.

What should I do if the dehumidifier is making loud noise when working?

First, make sure the commercial dehumidifier is on level ground. Then, check whether the dust net is stuck with debris. Finally, restart the dehumidifier and resume operation. If the above steps do not solve the problem for you, please contact us in time.

How long does a commercial dehumidifier last?

Our commercial dehumidifiers should last at least 10 years, although our past customers have asked for parts to be replaced after a longer time span.
To ensure trouble-free operation and long service life of dehumidifier components, a preventive maintenance program is recommended, including regular inspections and lubrication.
The frequency of inspection and lubrication depends on the dehumidifier, its components and operating conditions.

How long should a commercial dehumidifier run after a water leak?

As a general rule of thumb, commercial dehumidifiers usually take between 24 to 48 hours to dry an area. But this is`with the least amount of damage.
Actual operation will still depend on the size of the damaged area, the severity of the contamination, and the type of dehumidifier to use. It is possible to take days to weeks to finish restoration in case of a huge damage.
Once done, you could use a moisture meter to test the effectivity of the drying process. You may do the test several times while the dehumidifier is still in process until it shows a normal reading.

How much water will a commercial or industrial dehumidifier remove?

Water removal is based on how many pints per 24 hours and square footage (square meter). Commercial and industrial units can remove up to 264 pints (150 liters) per day, while most residential dehumidifiers remove up to 70 pints (40 liters) per day. Some industrial dehumidifiers units can remove 70 pints (40 liters) per hour and they are more heavy duty and will last longer. Commercial and industrial dehumidifiers can reach a variety of square footage (square meter) so make sure both the square foot (meter) coverage and pint size fit your needs when choosing a dehumidifier.

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