FAQ of industrial AC units air conditioning units (updated to 2022)


Scope of use of industrial AC units

Energy-efficient industrial AC units combine the advantages of traditional central air conditioning, cooling towers and evaporative air coolers to make them a new type of air conditioner suitable for use in industrial and commercial applications.

Fxair industrial ac units are suitable for use in stadiums, basketball courts, canteens, shoe factories, garment factories, toy factories, industrial plants, workshops, electronics factories, restaurants, offices, mechanical processing plants, injection molding factories, printing plants, food processing plants, supermarkets, playgrounds and waiting rooms.

How long does an industrial AC unit last?

Our industrial AC units should last a minimum of 10 years. 
To ensure trouble free operation and long life for a AC unit assembly, a preventative maintenance program that includes regularly scheduled inspections and cleaning is recommended.  The frequency of inspection and cleaning depends upon the air conditioning, its components and operating conditions.

What is the 3 most important factors for an industrial AC unit?

Industrial AC unit’s power, energy efficiency and noise should be the most important factors.
Our latest industrial air conditioning unit could reach 2150 square footage (200 square meter) using only 3.6 kWh electry per hour. Click here to know more about products.

How do commercial / industrial AC units work?

The intelligent power-saving industrial ac unit is composed of compressors, condensers, expansion valves, evaporators, evaporative cooling pads, water tanks and water pumps. The equipment is combined with water cooling, air cooling and compressor.
The working principle is to first use the evaporative cooling pads to evaporate the circulating water from the external unit to cool down the circulating water, and then flow into the internal exchange system of the internal unit after the circulating water drops to normal temperature (at this time, the compressor has started to compress the refrigerant into a state of high temperature and high pressure).
As a result, the circulating water takes away most of the heat of the high-temperature refrigerant to form a normal-temperature refrigerant, which then becomes a low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant after passing through the throttle valve. The circulating water cools the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant and then pumps it to the external unit.
After the cooling pads evaporates, the high-temperature water becomes normal temperature water, and then the warm water flows to the internal unit for circulating operation, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Which type of AC is best for commercial use?

Fxair energy-saving industrial air conditioning units are best suited for medium to large commercial spaces or small workshops, and are easy to control, energy-efficient and reliable.
Our air conditioners are the best choice for spaces of 2150-21500 square footage (200-2000 square meters) with higher cooling requirements. They can also be installed with minimal disruption to your business.

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