FAQ of Fxair portable spot cooler (updated to 2022)


Scope of use of portable spot cooler

The biggest features of portable spot coolers are mobility, low investment costs and small footprint.

  • Event Rental (Daily basis)
    • For Outdoor / Indoor Events such as School Open Houses, Roadshows, Product Launch, VIP Receptions, Weddings, Funerals, etc.
  • Long Term Rental (Monthly / Half Yearly / Yearly)
    • Temporary Cooling Requirements When Main Aircon Is Upgrading or in Repair
    • Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes Renting to Cool Their Outdoor Dining / Drinking Areas
    • Emergency Cooling
    • Disaster Relief
  • Sale for Installation & Ownership
    • IT & Server Environment
    • Industrial Kitchens
    • Hospitals & Laboratories
    • Process Cooling
    • Multi-work Stations
    • Inside Vessels
    • Sports Rooms
    • Equipment Spot Cooling
    • Special Ops Tents
    • Aircraft Repairs & Hangars

Can I use the air conditioner continuously for more than 24 hours?

Yes. You can.

Do we need to top-up water to the portable spot cooler?

The spot coolers use compressor cooling. So there is no need to top-up water.

Do we need to top-up the refrigerant?

No. The only time you are required to top-up the refrigerant is in the event of a gas leak.

Is the refrigerant of portable spot coolers harmful to the environment or humans?

No. The refrigerant used in the air conditioners is environmentally friendly.

How noisy are the spot air conditioner?

The noise from the air coolers is not noticeable in an industrial or commercial
environment. However, if you do have specific noise restrictions,
we have options that can help.

Will there be smoke coming out of the air cooler?

No. The spot air cooler only expels out condensed water and hot air.

When the portable spot cooler is restarted, why is the wind not cold?

Wait about 2-3 minutes for the compressor to restart and resume operation. The mobile spot cooler returns to normal and sends out cold air.

Can the portable spot cooler used in rain?

No. The spot cooler air conditioners are not waterproof.

Can we use spot cooler without connecting a hot air duct?

Yes. You can. However, it is possible for hot air to circulate into the cooling space without attaching hot air ducts.

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