FAQ of Fxair evaporative air cooler air conditioner (updated to 2022)


How noisy are the evaporative air coolers?

The noise from the air coolers is not noticeable in an industrial
environment. However, if you do have specific noise restrictions,
we have options that can help.

Is the air uncomfortable due to humidity?

A combination of cool fresh air and air movement leads to a
comfortable work space. Controls ensure that the building is fully
purged of cooled air at the end of the day to prevent any build up
in humidity.

Can you catch Legionnaires’ disease from an Fxair
Evaporative air Cooler?

No, because the circulating water is less than 20℃ and no droplets are formed.

Has anyone ever caught Legionnaires’ disease from an evaporative cooler?

It is believed there are over 30 million installations worldwide. There have never been any cases of Legionnaires’ disease attributed to a wetted media evaporative cooling. Fxair solution has developed a sophisticated control system that includes a series of measures to reduce the risk of Legionnaire’s disease, for more information and a risk assessment please contact us.

How much will it reduce the temperature?

This is dependent upon the ambient conditions (Wet bulb temperature and ambient humidity).
On hot days in the China, the
maximum temperature would be 25℃ (wet bulb temp 24.6℃-humidity 52%-Shandong China).
If the wet bulb temperature is 27.6 ° C and the humidity is 64%, the minimum temperature of the air cooler can reach 28 ° C. With high wind speed, the user’s body surface temperature can reach 26°C. It felt like being by the sea.

How much water and electricity does an evaporative cooler use?

A cooler will use an average of 40L per hour over a 24-hour period during hot
weather and 1.1kW of electricity.

Do the pads clean the air?

Coolers come with an insect/dust screen as standard, with other filtration options
available depending on your requirements.

Will I get condensation in my building?

No, provided the design is based on a balanced ventilation scheme.

What is the warranty?

One year product warranty.

Does the evaporative air conditioner have a high requirement for water source?

Tap water sources with a certain water pressure are the best choice. Wastewater, well water or too low water pressure will have an impact on the cooling effect of evaporative air coolers.
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