FAQ of air cooler ventilation duct air diffusers (updated to 2022)

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Scope of use of evaporative air cooler duct air diffusers

The duct air diffusers can be installed in air cooler ducts, but also in the centrifugal fan ventilation ducts.The evaporative air cooler diffusers are often installed at the bottom or side of the air duct. The position of the air grills close to the worker’s post is conducive to the transportation of cold air.

FAQ of air cooler ventilation duct air diffusers

What size duct is suitable for the air diffuser?

This air outlet is specially designed and produced for round pipes. The air outlet is suitable for installation in round pipes with a diameter of 400-600mm. We noticed that your company uses a lot of round pipes, and this air outlet will be a perfect fit for you. We also have many air vents that are suitable for square pipes.

How many types of air diffusers are there?

There are two types of air diffusers suitable for round pipes, which are square air outlet and round air outlet.

What are the advantages of air diffusers?

A. Each air diffuser has a wind deflector that directs the cold air inside the duct to the indoor. The angle of the wind deflector is adjustable. This can solve the problem of uncontrollable air volume at each air diffuser. The wind deflector also prevents most of the cold air from passing through a few air diffusers.
B. We can adjust the air diffuser angle at will. When the position of the position changes, we can adjust the angle of the air diffuser to adapt to the new position.
C. Simple installation and lower cost.

Can the air diffuser adjust the angle of the air outlet?

The louver of square air outlet can swing up to down or left to right. The circular air outlet can be rotated 360 degrees freely. The angle of the air outlet can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

What is the size of the air vent?

The size of the mounting hole is 240*190mm. The external dimension of the air diffuser is 307*270mm.

What is the number and size of packages for air vents?

20 pieces air diffusers are installed in one carton. The carton size is 635*525*320mm. Transportation is convenient and the transportation cost is very low.

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