Case study-restaurant air conditioning at employees’ canteen 2022-03



A canteen for employees in a factory building located in Fuzhou

Project Brief

A canteen for employees in Fuzhou. The canteen is 21 meters long and 16 meters wide, covering an area of 336 square meters.
1.The customer requires the indoor temperature to reach 25 degrees, and the air outlet temperature to reach about 22 degrees.
2.Air conditioning is simple to maintain and has low operating costs.


After discussing with factory leaders, Fxair recommended the model A-16P restaurant air conditioning, each with cooling area of 300-350 square meters. After the restaurant air conditioning was installed in the factory canteen, the overall space temperature reached 25 degrees. Each air conditioner consumes only 6kWh of electricity per hour. After the factory canteen is cooled down, the employees can enjoy lunch and work efficiently.


The A-16P is the latest energy-efficient industrial air conditioner that combines the advantages of traditional central air conditioning, cooling towers and evaporative air coolers. The cooling effect of the new restaurant air conditioning is the same as that of the traditional central air conditioner, however, the cooling area can reach 3 times that of the traditional central air conditioner.

Fxair restaurant air conditionings have a dehumidification function. The dehumidification function will benefit plants and workshops with high humidity requirements.

Fxair industrial air conditioners are available in a variety of installation options, such as axial direct blowing, centrifugal long-distance air supply and centrifugal ducted air supply. Industrial air conditioners can be installed according to various plant structures.

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