Case Studies- industrial commercial dehumidifiers (Updated to 2022)

Range of uses of commercial dehumidifiers


Industrial/commercial dehumidifiers are often used in pharmaceutical warehouses, underground garages, basements, swimming pools, wood drying rooms, power industry, logistics warehouses, food processing industries, tea warehouses, aerospace industries, etc.

Pharmaceutical warehouse: The production and storage of drugs require the humidity of the air. Too high humidity in the pharmaceutical shop will cause the drug to absorb moisture from the air and accelerate the damage. Industrial dehumidifiers play an important role in controlling the quality of pharmaceutical products.

Basement: In spring and summer, dampness in the basement will cause mold and damage to furniture. Commercial dehumidifiers are beneficial to solve basement challenges.

Swimming pool: In the season of high temperature and humidity, the floor of the swimming pool is often too wet to cause the problem of falling. Commercial dehumidifiers can help users enjoy swimming more pleasantly.

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