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Good supply chain capabilities and production capabilities guarantee that our prices are competitive.

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Make customers more confident and trusting

Good quality is conducive to customers to open up the market and maintain market position.

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Accurate delivery times help customers seize market opportunities.

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Pre-sale, sale and after-sales can maintain good service.

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FOSHAN FUXING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a technology company focused on air treatment, our factory was founded in 2005 with more than 15 years of industry experience. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 300 employees and 35 professional and technical personnel. The company produces energy-saving industrial air conditioners, and the products have a very large innovation advantage. The new industrial air conditioner combines the advantages of traditional central air conditioning, cooling tower and evaporative air cooler. It is characterized by power saving, simple installation and low equipment cost. The latest industrial air conditioners have been welcomed by consumers as soon as they are on the market.FXAIR also produces electrostatic precipitator for commercial kitchens with automatic pressure regulation and a touchscreen control panel. In addition, the company manufactures portable spot cooler, commercial dehumidifiers, evaporative air coolers, industrial exhaust fan and accessories.

Product exhibition pictures

For more than ten years, we have participated in refrigeration exhibitions, Canton fairs and animal husbandry exhibitions. Our products are welcomed by our customers.

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Pictures of overseas customers visiting

Thanks to customers who come to visit our factory and discuss cooperation.

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Pictures of certificates

Our products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and a variety of domestic certifications.

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Pictures of product accessories

The accessories of each product are carefully crafted and perfectly inspected.

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Pictures of product assembly

Products must be assembled by trained professional technicians. Products must go through a test run before leaving the factory.

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Pictures of product loading

Timely delivery can win the customer’s affirmation.

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