7 great advantages of greenhouse exhaust fan inverters

7 great advantages of inverters


Frequency converter is a power control device that uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control AC motor by changing the frequency of the motor’s power supply.

For the regulation of wind speed, this kind of control equipment is also often used in greenhouse exhaust fans and other exhaust equipment.

So what are the advantages of frequency converter (greenhouse exhaust fan inverter) in addition to the regulation of wind speed?

Make the fan more energy efficient

First of all, the inverter can make the greenhouse exhaust fan more energy saving.

According to the available data, after the load of fans and pumps adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, their power saving rate is 20%~60%.

This is because the actual power consumption of the load of fans and pumps is basically proportional to the cubic of the rotational speed.

When the average flow required by the user is small, the speed of the industrial exhaust fan is reduced by the frequency converter, and the air volume can be adjusted as needed.

The greenhouse exhaust fan without frequency converter mostly adopts the inlet valve to adjust the air flow, but the motor speed is basically unchanged and the power consumption changes little.


For example, in autumn and winter, for industrial places, with the reduction of solar heat radiation, the indoor temperature is reduced. And the volume of air change can be appropriately reduced. At this time, workers can adjust the motor speed through the frequency converter, reduce the air volume of the industrial exhaust fan, so as to reach the appropriate temperature.


In addition, the plants or animals in the greenhouse need fresh air for 24 hours and maintain a certain range of temperature and humidity. Therefore, the air volume of the greenhouse exhaust fan needs to change with the daily temperature. The greenhouse exhaust fan inverter can meet the needs of temperature control and reduce simple and repetitive work.

Realize automatic control

Our frequency converter can be used with sensors, such as temperature sensors, so as to achieve closed-loop control. That is, to realize the automation of frequency converter operation.

For example, in animal husbandry or greenhouse, because of the temperature difference at different times of the day, it is necessary to adjust the air volume according to the temperature to avoid livestock catching cold.

So by matching the greenhouse exhaust fan inverter with the temperature control line, the frequency converter can sense the change of indoor temperature through the temperature control line, and increase the speed of the fan with the increase of temperature. When the temperature decreases, it can also automatically reduce the speed and control the size of the air volume.

Greenhouse exhaust fan inverter saves the tedious manual operation and makes the temperature control more efficient.


Protect the fan motor

Greenhouse exhaust fan inverter has complete over current, overload, overvoltage and other protection functions, can realize the omni-directional protection of the motor.


Minimize the impact on the power grid

At the starting moment of the fan, there will be starting current 6~8 times of the rated current of the motor. After passing through the frequency converter, the starting current of the motor will become 2~3 times of its rated current.


Startup requires less power

Motor power is proportional to the product of current and voltage.

Then the power consumed by the motor directly started by the power frequency will be much higher than the power needed by the frequency conversion start.

Prolong the service life of the motor

When the motor is started directly through the power frequency, it will produce 7 to 8 times the rated current.

This current value will greatly increase the electrical stress in the motor windings and generate heat, thus reducing the life of the motor.

The use of frequency conversion speed regulation can fully reduce the starting current, improve the winding bearing force,

The most direct benefit to the user is that the maintenance cost of the motor will be further reduced and the life of the motor will be increased accordingly.

Reduce the procurement cost

The starting torque when directly starting is about 2 times of the rated torque. When such a large torque is suddenly applied to the stationary mechanical equipment, it will accelerate gear wear and even tooth beating, acceleration belt wear and even belt breaking, acceleration blade fatigue and even blade breaking, etc.

Starting it with a frequency converter reduces the impact on mechanical components and motors, thus making the entire system more reliable and its lifetime correspondingly increased.


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