15 points for fan pad cooling system in greenhouse

15 points for fan pad cooling system in greenhouse


Under the high temperature environment in summer, the fan pad cooling system is widely used in greenhouses, livestock and poultry breeding, horticultural planting, industrial production and other fields as an efficient and environmentally friendly way to cool down.

The fan pad cooling system has the characteristics of green, safety, energy saving, environmental protection and economic energy saving.

There are 15 points for fan pad cooling system in greenhouse for your reference.

1.The evaporative cooling pads should be continuously install on the side wall opposite the fan, and the distance between the water cooling pad and the fan should be 30-45 meters (98-148 feet), and should not exceed 68 meters (223 feet). The position of cooling pad and fan should consider the indoor air flow path to avoid or reduce the air flow dead Angle in the greenhouse.

2.The influence of the dominant wind direction on the inlet air in summer and the influence of the installation position on the lighting should be considered in the installation of evaporative cooling pad.

For example, the dominant wind direction in summer is from south to north. Then the water cooling pad should be installed on the south wall, and the fan should be installed on the north wall. Otherwise, the natural wind direction will increase the resistance of the fan and affect the cooling effect.

3.The height of the evaporative cooling pad should not exceed 2.4 meters (7.8 feet), and should not be less than 0.6 meters (2 feet). The installation position of the cooling pad in the height direction should consider the needs of the actual growing position of crops.

4.The design of air inlet should consider the convenience of closing in winter without removing the evaporative cooling pad.

5.Water cooling pad should be installed in the inner side of the air inlet, then air inlet need not be continuous, but should be evenly distributed.

When the cooling pad is installed outside the air inlet, the air inlet should be continuous and in the middle position relative to the cooling pad. At the same time, there should be no large area of occlusion, and the wind speed through the air inlet should not be greater than 1.8m/s.

6.When the height of the evaporative cooling pad exceeds the height of the air inlet, the distance between the cooling pad and the air inlet should be greater than half of the height difference.

7.The greenhouse exhaust fan is suitable for installation on the side wall of the downwind of the summer monsoon.

In the fan pad cooling system, if the fan must be installed on the upwind side of the wall, consider the wind resistance to be overcome when venting against the wind direction.

8.When the greenhouse exhaust fans are installed on the same wall, the distance between the fans should be less than 7.6 meters (25 feet).

9.The distance between the exhaust outlet of the fan and nearby obstacles should be greater than 4 times the diameter of the fan.

10.When the distance between the fan and the air inlet of the adjacent greenhouse is less than 15 meters (49 feet), the fan cannot directly blow the air into the air inlet of the cooling pad.

11.When the number of greenhouse exhaust fans is less than or equal to 3 sets, one of them should adopt a two-speed fan, or take other measures to adjust the air volume, so as to make the air volume regulation flexible. Greenhouse exhaus fan frequency converters help to achieve this function. Details information please read here.

In the same area, one fan with large air volume is more efficient than multiple fans with small air volume. The larger the blade diameter, the greater the air flow per unit of input power, so the larger the diameter fan is more energy saving.

12.The width of the evaporative cooling pad supplied by the single-group pad water distribution system should not exceed 36 meters (118 feet). When the continuous width of cooling pad exceeds 36 meters (118 feet), multi-group water distribution system should be adopted.

13.Each set of water distribution system should have independent water pump, storage tank, water supply line and drain pipe.

14.If the single-group water distribution system supplies water to a evaporative cooling pad with a width of more than 6m, multi-point inlet water and multi-point drainage should be configured.

15.The distance between the highest water level and the top surface of the storage pool should not be less than 15% of the storage pool height.

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